Stay on Top of Roof Repairs

When you need roof leak repairs in Newberry or Alachua, FL, you can count on us

Are you dealing with a leaky roof, storm-damaged shingles or other roofing issues? J & S Roofing and Construction Inc. is here to help. You can call on us for roof repair services in the Newberry and Alachua, FL area. We're well-equipped for roof leak repair and other maintenance jobs. You can trust us to extend the life of your roof without replacing it.

When should you call us for roof repairs?

When should you call us for roof repairs?

If you're concerned about your roof, don't hesitate to contact J & S Roofing and Construction for help. Our team is prepared to examine your roof and repair it right away.

You should consider scheduling roof repair services if:

  • You notice water stains, indicating you need roof leak repair
  • You see other signs of moisture, like mold or damaged paint
  • You see light indoors in your attic or near your roof
  • You see that your roof's shingles are visibly damaged
  • You're concerned after your home weathered a storm
Remember, the earlier you discover your roofing problem and call for help, the less time the problem has to get worse. Call us right away at (352) 672-2048. We'd be happy to give you a free estimate.